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Strip tester OXI 3in1 W&SPA

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The strip tester OXI 3 in 1 Wellness & Spa measures quickly and easily the values ​​of active oxygen, pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools or hot tubs. The package contains 50 measuring strips.
For proper water care in a hot tub or smaller pool, you can now use strip testers with three measurable parameters of the water in your pool/hot tub. In three simple steps, you will find out the concentration values ​​of the pool chemistry, within fifteen seconds.

Dip the strip into the water and pull it out immediately.
Hold the strip in a horizontal position for 15 seconds (do not shake off excess water from the strip).
Compare the color of the active oxygen, pH and total alkalinity measuring pad (in that order) with the color chart on the label

The correct values ​​are measured exactly after 15 seconds, after a longer period of time, do not compare the values.

Parameters Measurable values ​​Recommended values
Active oxygen 0.5 - 20 mg/l 10 - 14 mg/l
pH 6.8 - 8.4 7.0 - 7.4
Total alkalinity 0 - 240 80 - 120

In order to achieve crystal clear and hygienically safe water, it is necessary to measure the concentration values ​​regularly (at least twice a week, more often at higher water temperatures).

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