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Infrasaunas for great action prices
465 arawa
In stock (5 PC)
Code: 3EXX0512
450 3exx0506
In stock (24 PC)
Code: 3EXX0506
453 3exx0507
In stock (4 PC)
Code: 3EXX0507
456 3exx0511
In stock (9 PC)
Code: 3EXX0511
459 3exx0510
In stock (6 PC)
Code: 3EXX0510
462 3exx0516
Currently unavailable
Code: 3EXX0516
Our own Czech production
NEW e-bike models
Junior 3.4 W (12)
Junior 3.4 W
Currently unavailable
Code: 4KOE23078
Xtreme 9.4 limited Code: 4KOE23072
SUV 8.4 W eRGB
SUV 8.4 W (17)
Currently unavailable
Code: 4KOE23066
SUV 8.4
SUV 8.4 (19)
In stock (9 PC)
Code: 4KOE23064
Mount 8.4 limited
Mount 8.4 ltd. (22)
In stock (2 PC)
Code: 4KOE23069
Mount 6.4 limited eRGB
Mount 6.4 ltd. (17)
In stock (6 PC)
Code: 4KOE23062
Cross 6.4 eRGB
Cross 6.4 (18)
In stock (3 PC)
Code: 4KOE23058
Tour 6.4 eRGB
Tour 6.4 (17)
In stock (5 PC)
Code: 4KOE23056

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We are strong and reliable producer and supplier on European market with more than 30 years of experience, one of the largest European producers and the most successful retailers of swimming pools, wellness, garden machinery and garden furniture. We offer e-bikes and we also specialize in dog and cat food.