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Terms of personal data protection

Information concerning the processing of personal data of dealers, their employees and other persons


Mountfield a.s., with its registered office in Mnichovice, at Mirošovická 697, Postal Code 25164, Id. No.:  25620991, as a data controller, processes personal data of its business partners (especially dealers) within their visits to the website at www.eshop.mountfield-export.com, and within mutual commercial communication and performance of a contractual relationship, if the persons affected are natural persons, statutory representatives of business partners, persons authorised by a business partner to perform certain acts in contractual relationships (e.g., persons authorised to collect or deliver goods, confirm purchase orders and other documents, etc.), and   contact persons of business partners and potential business partners, or other persons whose personal data are processed by Mountfield a.s. on request of a business partner (for example, a person to whom goods ordered by a business partner will be delivered).

    • If you fill out the form on the website at eshop.mountfield-export.com or you contact our company via the contact email address, we will process the following personal data:
  • business name or designation of your company, your name and surname or first and surname of your contact persons, identification number, registered office or place of business, position, telephone number, e-mail address,
  • descriptive information on you as a business partner, especially the country of your registered office, your business characteristics (interest in a particular type of goods) and the number of employees,
  • information on our mutual business communication and its content,
  • username and password to access the customer zone.


We process your personal data to the extent necessary for the following purposes:

  • to keep records of potential contractual partners, including your proper identification (legitimate interest of our company),
  • to establish, maintain, and improve business relationships and to develop the business, e.g. to send gifts, greetings, commercial, as well as non-commercial offers (legitimate interest of our company),
  • to enable an access to the customer zone (contract negotiations).


Your personal data will be processed by our company during the term of your communication with us and, further, for a period of 4 years on the grounds of legitimate interests of our company. However, if you advise us that you are no longer interested in receiving gifts, greetings, commercial, as well as non-commercial offers, or you object to this processing of your personal data, then we will no longer process your data for these purposes (orig.? – trans.). Similarly, we will not further process your personal data if you object to their processing for the purpose of keeping records of potential contractual partners, and our rights or legitimate interests in further processing do not, in this case, override your rights or legitimate interests to terminate this processing.  However, in these cases, we are also authorised to process your data within the scope of your objections and in respect of resolving your objections, for a period of 4 years from the date of resolution of your objection to demonstrate the performance of our statutory duty.


  • In case you have established or intend to establish business co-operation with us, we will process the personal data under paragraph 1.1 and, in addition, the following:
  • personal data referred to in paragraph 1.1 ,
  • information on acts performed by you or your employee within the contractual relationship (the content of our mutual communication, the date of the communication, the means of communication, etc.),
  • information on the contractual relationship between you and our company, in particular purchase orders, confirmation of orders, quantity of ordered goods, price of ordered goods, delivery address, transport terms, invoicing, accounting and tax details, underlying documents and receipts, information related to complaints related to the quality of goods, etc.,


We process your personal data for the purpose of

  • contract negotiations, execution of a contract and its subsequent performance, i.e. to know what you ordered from our company, in what quantity, for what price and how we are to deliver the ordered goods, and what other conditions, if any, must be met for us to properly perform our mutual contract (performance of the contract),
  • demonstrating that the contract has been properly performed by us, or that your rights that have arisen during the contractual relationship or after its termination have been properly satisfied (legitimate interest of our company),
  • proper issuing and keeping records of tax and accounting documents, including their supporting documents (performance of statutory duties).


Your personal data will be processed by our company for the duration of the contractual relationship with you, and then for a period of 4 years after the termination of the co-operation. If you deliver goods to end customers, we will process your personal data for the duration of the warranty period, and then for a period of 4 years from the end of the warranty period. We will process personal data specified in accounting and tax documents for a period of 10 years, as this is required by the law.


  • information on your activity and the activity of your employees on the website collected through cookies that are stored on your device during the visit to the website at eshop.mountfield-export.com, and the Google Analytics services (within the minimum scope of the service provided), provided by Google Inc., with its registered office at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, U.S.A., specifically the following cookies
    • _utma (informing our company of your first visit, the penultimate visit and the last visit to the website),
    • _utmb and _utmc (informing our company of the approximate duration of your visit the website),
    • _utmt (informing our company of the volume of the individual requests for a display of websites)
    • _utmv (informing our company of your preferences, or in which segment of potential buyers of our products we can include you)
    • _utmz (informing our company of where the website was visited from, through what device, which link was used to visit the website, what keywords were used when searching for the website, and what your approximate location data are or from which part of the world you come from).


We process your personal data for the purpose of

  • saving your presets, settings and user preferences (legitimate interest of our company),
  • verifying the functionality (passability) and security of websites and improving the user comfort (legitimate interest of our company),
  • an analysis and feedback in terms of measuring the website traffic, analysis of the common behaviour and removal of hidden website errors (legitimate interest of our company).


Cookies work in that they are stored on your device during your every visit, and are then, when you visit the website again, sent back to the server from which the website at www.eshop.mountfield-export.com is loaded. Cookies are not used to collect any sensitive personal data or to identify you as a specific person. Your device is only assigned a unique and randomly generated number that allows us to recognize the device during your next visit and to which technical information is assigned. Information collected by Google Inc. in connection with your use of the website is transferred to Google Inc., U.S.A., where they are stored and analysed. The statement by Google Inc. on the protection of personal data is available .


You can prevent the collection of cookies and their analysis by Google Analytics by changing your browser settings and by clicking on this , which will store on your device an opt-out cookie that will prevent future storage of data on your visits to the website, or by installing in your browser a plugin which is available . This plugin only works in a particular browser and on a specific device, and must not be deactivated or erased after installation in order to maintain the deactivation of Google Analytics.


You can also use cookies (or disable them) directly in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies in their default settings. Within browser settings, you can manually delete, block, or completely disable individual cookies; you can also block them or allow them only for individual websites. For more detailed information, please use the help option in your browser. You can find information about browsers, their settings and how to refuse cookies using the following links: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.


Some cookies are stored on your device for a few days or until the end of the relevant session (_utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmv); others are stored for several months, but for a maximum of 2 years (_utma, _utmz).


Your personal data may be disclosed to the following recipients to the necessary extent:

  • public authorities conducting administrative proceedings or carrying out public-law control, in particular the tax authorities, the Police of the Czech Republic, etc., and the courts, all the above on their request or if this is required by the law,
  • third parties which provide our company with administration and hosting of information systems and software applications, legal assistance, economic and financial consulting and audit (all these persons are bound by a strict non-disclosure obligation),
  • Google Inc., with its registered office at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, U.S.A., in connection with an analysis and evaluation of cookies (see 1.3);
  • carriers who ensure the transport of ordered goods for our company.

Based on your request, we will inform you if our company processes your personal data. If we process them, you have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data being processed or any other access to them. You also have the right to information about the following: what data we process on you, for what purposes, to whom we provide the data, the duration of their processing, and the sources from which they come from. You also have the right to rectification of your inaccurate personal data or to have incomplete personal data completed. In cases specified by the law, you have the right to have your processed personal data erased by us. However, we will not erase personal data we need for the performance of our legal obligations, for the performance of a contract, for the protection of our legitimate interests, or for the establishment, exercise and defence of legal claims. In cases specified by the law, you have the right to claim that we temporarily restrict the processing of your personal data. You have the right to request the transmission of your personal data you have provided to us to another controller. If we process your personal data on basis of our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to such processing (inform us that you do not agree with such processing). If you consider that we violate the legal regulations in the processing of your personal data, you have the right to request an explanation and to have the defective state of affairs remedied, or to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection (www.uoou.cz). You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail message to the e-mail address export@mountfield.cz or in printed form sent by post to: Mountfield a.s., Export Department, Mirošovická 697, 251 64 Mnichovice, Czech Republic. Our company has designated a Data Protection Officer, whom you may address when exercising your rights. You may contact the Officer by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address gdpr@mountfield.cz.

As our business partner, you are obliged to properly advise your employees, and other natural persons involved in your co-operation with Mountfield a.s. about the processing of personal data by Mountfield a.s.You are also required to inform any third parties whose personal data you have transferred to Mountfield a.s. for the purposes of business co-operation (especially if we arrange for transport directly to the final customer) about the processing of personal data by Mountfield a.s.



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