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Salinator Smart C15P

Code: 3BTE0448
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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The saline chlorinators allow you to keep the water in your pool clean and crystal-clear, without adding chemical disinfectants. The system of saline chlorination for swimming pools, manufactures the chlorine directly in the filter installation by means of water electrolysis slightly salty. “Free chlorine” (hypochlorous acid, HOCL) is produced, which is a strong bactericide. An important characteristic of the system is that it is reversible, that means, after oxidising the bacteria, chlorine reverts back to common salt and water. It is not necessary to add any chemical product (algaecides, cyanuric acid, etc.)
which helps keeping the water unpolluted. Slightly salt water is healthier than pure water: the skin wrinkles less and eye irritation is reduced. The equipment is made of an electronic control unit of command and regulation and an electrolytic cell through which runs the pool water normally settled in
the return of the filtration circuit. If the chlorinator keeps working permanently, it will not be necessary to replace the water for many years, and you will collaborate with the environmental politics of water savings.

Additional parameters

Category: Pool accessories
Supply voltage: 230VAC/ 50 Hz
Max. output power: 113 W
Max. Cell voltage: 7.5 Vcc
Insulation voltage according to EN 609050: 3000 Vac

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