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Azuro stabilizer 0,6 l

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The product prevents the formation of deposits on the walls and bottom of the whirlpool and at the same time binds iron, manganese and copper ions, which cause unwanted water coloration. Water hardness is caused by soluble salts, mainly calcium and magnesium. It is usually expressed in the so-called German degrees of hardness – 1 °N = 10 mg of calcium oxide (CaO) in a liter. For hot tubs, the most suitable water hardness is 8-18 °N. If the hot tub is filled with hard water, calcium and magnesium salts are excreted from the water. Other impurities are packed onto these deposits and this creates a suitable ground for the formation of algae, bacteria and viruses. The Azuro drop hardness tester is used for checking.

Instructions for use: Before using the product, adjust the pH value to 7.0 - 7.4. The required amount is poured directly into the hot tub with the filter device switched on. Filter for at least 24 hours, and it is important to wash the filter element regularly.

Dosage: The initial dose is 25 ml of the product per 1 m3 (1,000 l) of water. In the case of very hard water and an increased content of iron and manganese ions, we recommend increasing the dose to 50 ml per 1 m3 of water.

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