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AZURO Flokul

Code: 3BCH3006
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The preparation Azuro Flokul is used to clarify the water in swimming pools, also called a liquid "flocculant". It creates flakes of very small impurities, which are then captured by a filter device. Flakes are also often formed at the bottom of the pool, which envelop the present colloidal impurities and clump together into larger aggregates. They settle on the bottom of the pool and can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. By using this product, the water becomes transparent and sparkling clean. It should be used if, even with the correct pH values ​​and active chlorine content, the water in the pool is cloudy.

Dosage: 60 ml (4 tablespoons) per 10 m3 (10,000 l) of water. Before using the product, it is necessary to adjust the pH to a value of 7.0 - 7.4. Mix the required dose in 10 l of water in a plastic bucket, start the filter device, slowly pour the diluted product into the collector (skimmer) or spread evenly over the surface. Let the filtration run for a few hours and then turn it off and let the dirt clumps settle to the bottom. Then suck the precipitated dirt settled on the bottom with a submersible vacuum cleaner.

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Product detailed description

chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ Flokul 1L, 500pcs on stock

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Category: Pool accessories
Weight: 1 kg
Label language: czech / german / swedish/polish
Package: 1 l
Size of box: 43 x 17,5 x 24 cm
Packing pcs/box: 10 pcs
Product weight: 1Kg
Package dimensions: 10x10x20cm

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