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Product detailed description

chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ CA 1L, 500pcs on pallet

Azuro Ca serves to stabilize water hardness and to remove iron and manganese ions. The preparation acts as an inhibitor of water hardness, prevents the formation of deposits on the walls and bottom of the pool, and at the same time binds iron and manganese ions, which cause its unwanted coloring. Water hardness is generally caused by soluble salts, mainly calcium and magnesium. Hardness is usually expressed in so-called German degrees of hardness – 1 °N = 10 mg of calcium oxide (CaO) in 1 liter of water. According to these degrees, soft water up to 8 °N, medium hard 8 - 18 °N, hard 18 - 30 °N, very hard above 30 °N are distinguished. The most suitable water hardness for swimming pools is 8 – 18 °N. If the pool is filled with hard water, calcium and magnesium salts are excreted from the water. Other impurities are packed onto these deposits and this creates suitable conditions for the formation of algae, bacteria and viruses. We recommend checking the water hardness immediately after filling the pool and during the season when adding a larger amount of water. The Azuro drop hardness tester is used for checking.

Instructions for use: To achieve the best result, the product must be added immediately after filling the pool. Pour the required amount directly into the pool with the filter device switched on. Allow the water to circulate for several hours before adding other products (e.g. pH adjustment, chlorine products, etc.). Do not add the product before treating the water with flocculation products (Azuro Flokul or Azuro Clarifier), as this would reduce the effectiveness of both products.

Dosage: The initial dose is 250 ml of product per 10 m3 (10,000 l) of water.

Additional parameters

Category: Pool accessories
Label language: czech / german
Package: 1 l
Size of box: 43 x 17,5 x 24 cm
Packing pcs/box: 10 pcs
Product weight: 1Kg
Package dimensions: 10x10x30cm

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