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AZURO Alkalinity Plus

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Product detailed description

chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ Alkalinity Plus 1 kg, 504pcs on pallet

Do you have a problem with frequent pH fluctuations? Your pool water may be exhausted -> ensure a livelier and more sparkling pool water thanks to Azuro Alkalita Plus. Alkalinity is also called "Carbonate Balance". This means that if the pool water has an acceptable level of alkalinity and is therefore in "carbonate balance", the water is able to naturally balance the pH level. Due to the use of, for example, water heating and disinfectants, the alkalinity of the water may decrease and, consequently, the pH may fluctuate. If the total alkalinity value is too low, the pH is not stable and has very frequent fluctuations. Conversely, with a high value of total alkalinity, the pH level will tend to return to the original higher pH.

Azuro Alkalita plus is a powder preparation for increasing the alkalinity of pool water and stabilizing the pH. If the total alkalinity is maintained in the correct range of 80-120 ppm, it prevents sudden changes in pH values ​​and optimizes the effect of other pool water treatment products. The alkalinity value should always be adjusted before you measure and adjust the pH and free chlorine values.

Instructions for use: Before using the product, measure the value of the total alkalinity using the Azuro Quick Check 4 in 1 strip tester or the Alkalita drop tester. If it is lower than 80 ppm, add Azuro Alkalita Plus and if it is higher than 120 ppm, add Azuro pH minus.

Dosage: To increase the alkalinity by 10 ppm, add 18 g of product per 1 m3. Calculate the required amount according to the volume of your pool. Dissolve the measured amount of powder in several liters of water and pour the solution into the pool in the water inflow area (or into the dirt collector) while the filter device is in operation. Do not increase alkalinity by more than 50 ppm in one step. If more alkalinity adjustment is required, do the next dosing only after sufficient mixing of the water.

Additional parameters

Category: Pool accessories
Label language: czech / german
Package: 1 kg
Size of box: 29 x 19,5 x 18,5 cm
Packing pcs/box: 6 pcs
Product weight: 1Kg
Package dimensions: 20x10x10cm

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