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From Danish plantations

We sent a member of our team to Denmark directly to the Caucasian fir plantations. 

On two different Danish plantations we had 180,000 trees to check. We were uncompromising in selecting the right trees to meet the expectations of each of our customers. I must stress that behind every Christmas tree there is a lot of work and effort. It takes at least 9 years for a Christmas tree to grow to the desired size. Therefore, a substantially large part of Denmark is covered with plantations of variously sized Caucasian fir trees. It's a long run and the care of the trees must not be underestimated.


Before departure

Before departure we had a 3-hour training session with a dendrologist from the botanical garden in Průhonice. We assessed the health, age and vitality.  Also possible diseases, parasites and algae that can damage the trees.

Our mission

We had to inspect 2 different tree farms, a total of 180,000 trees marked and divided into classes.

What I must highlight is the number of farms and plots on which the trees grow. It's an incredible sight. There are fir plantations on every corner, from the very small ones to the beautiful big ones you'll have at home.

This business is a long run as these trees take up to 9 years to grow to the desired height. And they need to be tended to every year. Trim, fertilize, spray for parasites.

Space is very important for the proper growth of the trees. Ideally each tree should have 1 meter of space around it. Unfortunately, this is not optimal. We were even on a farm where the trees were so badly crowded together that it was impossible to walk between them. Unfortunately, that's what these trees looked like. They were not the desired shape, they were very under-shaped and under-grown because they were not getting enough sun. We agreed that we did not want trees from this plantation as they would not satisfy the desires of our customers.

Traps on plantations

I noticed that in some places next to the plantations there are corn planted. The corn will distract wildlife (mainly pigs). As a result, wild animals will not damage the trees.

In recent years, conditions have made it difficult for farmers to cope with severe droughts. As soon as the summer is over (usually during the autumn), the trees have to be sprayed with a treatment solution and thus take on a beautiful dark green colour. However, this spray must not be applied when it is too dry, as it will burn the needles. This is why we wait for rainy days.  

We have selected the best for you

In the end, we have eliminated approximately 7,000 non-compliant trees, which will be replaced with compliant ones.