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Azuro PH Minus 1,5 kg

Code: 3EXC1032
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Product detailed description

chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ pH minus 1,5kg, 504pcs on pallet

Granular preparation for reducing the pH value of pool water.

It is used if the pH value is higher than 7.6. Bathing water should have a pH value in the range of 7.0 - 7.4. In this range, the most effective effect of chlorine products without side effects is guaranteed. Therefore, check the pH value at least twice a week and immediately regulate deviations from the ideal value (checking is especially necessary before adding chlorine products). A pH value over 7.4 can cause milky turbidity in the water (precipitation of calcium), reduced effectiveness of chlorine products, chlorine odor, eye and skin irritation, and can also lead to clogging of the filter device. At pH values ​​below 7.0, there may be increased corrosion of the metal parts of the pools, fading of the colors of the materials from which the pool is made, as well as irritation of the eyes and skin.

Dosage: To reduce the pH value by 0.2, add approx. 15 g of the product to 1 m3 of water (1,000 l) (a higher dose is usually required for hard water). The calculated amount of product is thoroughly dissolved in water in a plastic bucket and slowly poured into the pool at the water inlet with the filter device switched on. The measurement of the pH value (with a suitable tester) must be carried out after the water in the pool has been thoroughly mixed (mixing depends on the volume of water in the pool and the performance of the filter device). The procedure is repeated until the pH value is in the desired range of 7.0 - 7.4.

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