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Azuro Chlorine Shock DE

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Product detailed description

chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ Ch Shock 1kg or 3kg  100pcs on pallet

Preparation for treatment of pool water by chlorination.

Instructions for use: After filling the pool before the first chlorination, adjust the pH of the water in the pool to 7.0 - 7.4 and then add the required dose of this product. As a first dose use about 100 g (100g is in a measuring cup of about 100ml) granulate per 10 m3 of water (10,000 l). During operation, add about 50 g of granulate per 10 m3 of water every 4 - 6 days. If chlorine tablets are used for continuous chlorination, they must be added one day after the first chlorination. As a general rule, in order to achieve crystal clear and permanently hygienically safe water, the pH should be in the range of 7.0 - 7.4 and the active chlorine content maintained in the range of 0.3 - 0.6 mg / l.

If the chlorine content falls below 0.3 mg / l, chlorine must be added. Using 1.8 g of the preparation, the active chlorine content in 10 m3 (10,000 l) of water is increased by about 0.1 mg / l. In long-term nice weather, increased traffic and higher water temperature, after thunderstorms double the amount of chlorine (impact chlorination). For impact chlorination use a dose of about 80 - 120 g per 10 m3 of water. After application (complete dissolution in the pool), check the pH and active chlorine content of the pool using the test kit. If the pH is outside this range, use a pH lowering or raising agent. If the active chlorine content is higher than 0.8 mg / l, do not use the pool, reduce the chlorine dosage and wait until the value falls below this range.

Important: For proper use of the product, it is necessary to use a test kit to measure pH and active chlorine in pool water. Measure the pH and active chlorine concentration of the pool regularly, at least twice a week. Always chlorinate in the evening. Use Azuro Chlor T or Azuro Chlor Trio to continuously disinfect the pool water

Method of application: Dissolve the preparation completely in water in a clean plastic bucket. THE PREPARATION IS ADDED INTO WATER AND NOT REALLY! Pour the reconstituted product slowly into the pool or skimmer. During application and 24 hours after it must be filtering equipment in operation.

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