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chemical product for swimming pools and Spa's, AZ Ch Trio 1kg or 3kg,

Multi-purpose product for disinfection, algae prevention and flocculation.

The preparation Azuro Chlor Trio acts not only as a disinfectant and flocculant, which prevents the development of algae and viruses. After immersing the tablet in water, there is a gradual release of chlorine (disinfection and oxidation of organic pollution in the pool water) and at the same time the dissolution of a substance with an algicidal effect (prevention and disposal of algae) and a flocculant (removes possible cloudiness of the water by flocculating impurities).

Instructions for use: Before using the product for the first time, adjust the pH value to 7.0-7.4. Then carry out a preventive treatment of the pool water with the fast-dissolving chlorine product Azuro Chlor Šok G and the chlorine stabilizer Azuro Chlor Stabil. Depending on the water temperature, add every 5-8 days 1 to 2 tablets of this product per 20 m3 of water, up to a temperature of 25°C 1 tablet, above 25°C 2 tablets. In general, to achieve clean and hygienically safe water, the content of active chlorine should be in the range of 0.3-0.6 mg/l; if it falls below 0.3 mg/l, chlorine must be added. Continuously check the value of the chlorine content with suitable testers.

Dosing: Float: Put the required amount of chlorine tablets into the dosing float. Allow the float to move freely on the surface of the pool where there is more water movement.
With the dispenser built into the circulation pipe: Put the required amount of tablets into the dispenser. Set the control valves of the dispenser so that the recommended residual chlorine content value is approximately observed.

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